FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are You Insured?

  • Yes, we are fully insured and can provide a COI to the venue.

Do you dress properly?

  • Yes, we dress for your occasion. Formal is usual attire but casual if it calls for it. Also theme related if necessary.

Can we give a playlist?

  • Yes, we just ask that it not be too extensive as to give the DJ some creative freedom to maximize the fun.

Do you take requests from guests?

  • That is at the discretion of the host. We can or cannot depending on what you would like. Obviously, if the request is inappropriate it will not be played.

Do you arrive early?

  • On average we arrive at least an hour prior to the start of the event. Even earlier for bigger shows with more equipment.

Do you have a wireless microphone?

  • Yes

Do you have backup equipment?

  • Yes, we have backup of the important pieces.

Do you have ethnic music?

  • Yes, but we always welcome for you to provide specific Songs/Artists that you and your guests may appreciate.

Can we give you music?

  • Yes, we ask you to send via Dropbox 1 week prior to or if not able to please provide a flash drive with the mp3’s on it the day of. Also specify when they are to be played.

Do we create the photo montage or do you?

  • We can create the montage if photos are given at least 1 week prior to event for a fee or you can provide it. Again we ask that it be sent via Dropbox 1 week prior.

How much should we tip?

  • As with every other service industry, it is at your discretion as to what the gratuity should be. It usually falls in the 10% – 20% range.

Do you have references?

  • Yes, they are available upon request but we do have reviews on Wedding Wire & Facebook.